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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally out of California

Day 73 - November 18, 2007

I'm glad I saved this week's long run for today. The weather this afternoon was perfect for running. Temperatures were in the mid 50's, there was a light breeze, and big puffy clouds broke up the moments of bright sun. At mile 6, I found myself running along the edge of a mowed hay field. The field was the deepest shade of green and the sun was casting my shadow across the grasses. The yellow, red, and orange oaks boarding the field glowed brilliantly in the late afternoon sun. I couldn't have painted a prettier picture.

Today's run was the first time I've cracked 10 miles this year. In fact, the last time I ran that far was July 2006. It felt great to get out and find a rhythm and let the miles just click away. It also was pretty cool that today's run took me over the 300 mile mark. It was just 22 days ago that I reached the 200 mile mark. Running 100 miles every three weeks should be a decent amount of mileage to get me through the holidays.

The other cool thing about today was that I crossed into Nevada on my imaginary journey across the county. I can almost see the bright lights from Vegas on the horizon.

Day: 73 .....Time/Date: 2:30 PM 11/18/2007 .....Weather: Partly Cloudy, 53F
Run: Ruckersville 10 miler..... Miles: 10.1..... Time: 1:12:07 .....Pace: 7:08 min/mile
Miles to Date: 301.9 .....Total Running Time: 37:19:31

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