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Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Month Comes To A Close

Day 85 - November 30, 2007

I closed out November with a chilly run this morning. I needed to get a quick run in before heading back home today because I know full well there won't be time to run once I get home. So I sacrificed 30 degrees of warmth to get the run in early.

November has been a good month for running. I completed 130 miles in just under 16 hours of running and dropped my average pace for the month down to 7:18. If I can match this type of performance for December, I will be in great shape to start training for the Charlottesville 10 miler.

Have a great Friday,

Day: 85..... Time/Date: 5:25 AM 11/30/2007..... Weather: Cloudy, 26F
Run: Cascade, Main, Waverly..... Miles: 2.4..... Time: 17:05 .....Pace: 7:07 min/mile
Miles to Date: 345.9 .....Total Running Time: 42:38:18

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