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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

18 months complete

Day 546 - June 30, 2010

The running streak has reached 18 months and despite not reaching my 6 month goal of 800 miles, I am well on my way to another record year. I had hoped to finish June with 140 miles, but came up 30 short. Considering all that was going on at work and a week of vacation, I'm pleased to have completed 110.

Here are the latest streak and year totals:
Streak - 546 days
Miles - 2233
Time - 288:43:29

2010 - 181 days
Miles - 773
Time - 99:37:33

My goal for July is 175 miles. It is time to start cranking up the mileage to get ready for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, which is 4 months away. I'm feeling good about my fitness, but it is time to let the rubber meet the road.

Congrats to Doug at Doug Runs 365 days in 2010 for making it halfway to his goal of running everyday in 2010. Keep it up Doug!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hate to be a downer

Day 534 - June 18, 2010

Work is killing me - well not literally, but my running is suffering. Not going to make 140 mile this month, so 800 will have to wait. If I can make it to July, I think my mileage will return.

Hope your June is going better than mine.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Long run

Day 528 - June 12, 2010

My long run today saved my week! I was out the door before 6am today and had knocked out almost 13 miles by 7:45. Glad I didn't wait any longer to get out the door - the humidity was terrible and it is headed toward 90 today. I think I'll head to the pool and watch some world cup. Go USA!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Didn't keep my promise

Day 527 - June 11, 2010

I can't believe another week has past without a post. I've got to find a better system. This week has been a lot of short runs but I will make up for it tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good June!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy busy

Day 520 - June 4, 2010

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and it won't slow down for another two, but I am still running everyday and getting the miles in. I'll try and be better about posting over the next two weeks.

Tonight's run felt great. I don't know what the difference was, but my stride felt effortless. When days like today happen, I don't hold back. I kept pushing the pace and ran the second half over a minute faster than the first. That's about 30 seconds per mile for a 4 mile run!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of May

Day 516 - May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

I finished May with an 8 mile run that gave me 140 miles for the month and 662 miles for the year. Another 140 miles this month and I'll be at 800 for the first half of the year - sounds like a goal to me.