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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Speed Work

Day 207 - July 26, 2009

The wife and I both needed to get in a run tonight and the compromise was to head over to the track, where we can both run our own workouts and the kids can ride their bikes and play on the playgrounds.

It all started out great and the workout was awesome. I ran a mile and half warm-up around the school, and then started some 800 m repeats with a 400 recovery. The first felt good and I ran a respectable 3:03. The second felt a bit tougher and I thought I was slower, but when I checked my time, it was just under 3:01. I really pressed on the third, and broke the 3 minute mark at 2:59. I was all geared up for the 4th when it happened - nature was calling the girls and the school was all locked up. Workout over.

My wife was a half mile short of finishing her run, so I dropped her off at the edge of our neighborhood and she was able to complete her miles. When she got home, I headed out for a 2 mile run and ran my last unmeasured half mile after hitting the turnaround. The last "half mile" was a 3:24, but I'm sure it was long. A quick check of gmap-pedometer claims .54, but I usually figure that is good for plus or minus a tenth of a mile.

Either way, I still finished 5.5 miles, we both got in our workouts, and the girls had a good time racing us around the track (we have an asphalt track - I'd never let them ride on an all-weather track).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 205 - Tough week

This week has been tough to find the energy to put in any longer runs - last weeks higher mileage and a lot of extra curricular activities resulted in some very tired legs. If I can find the energy for a long run tomorrow, I'll hit my weekly goal of 25+ miles, but I'm not going to have a repeat of last weeks 32 miles.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 200

July 19, 2009

The running streak has reached 200 consecutive days and I am just slightly off my goal of averaging 4 miles a day. I currently have 790 miles in the bag for the year and if I can get back on pace, I'm aiming for 1200 miles by Day 300.

This last week was a crazy running week for me. I got off to a good start with 8 miles on Sunday, then only 2 to 4 mile run Monday through Thursday. On Friday, I attempted to run to work from the house, which would have been 14 miles, but at 9 miles I called it quits and got a ride in the rest of the way. It still was a good week for me - 32 miles in all.

Congratulations to everyone else who started streaks on January first this year. Only 165 more to go in '09 and 1/5th of the way to 1000.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eight Miles through Charlottesville

Day 193 - July 12, 2009

I was in Charlottesville today and had some time for a run through some of my old running routes. I started at the UVA track and weaved my way through some of the university neighborhoods then turned down University Ave and around the Corner. I was surprised by the number of students and parents out about this morning. I felt bad dodging my way through them, but most appeared oblivious to my presence. From the corner I turned up JPA by the hospital. I had a 5-7 mile run in mind, but as I ran up JPA I started to think I was going to finish in under 5 miles. I debated for a few strides and then decided to turn away from Grounds and cut down Shamrock, across the tracks over to Cherry Ave. I looped back up the hill on Cleveland and finally made it back to JPA extended. As I made my way back to Alderman, I stopped at the Aquatic and Fitness Center for a drink of water and a quick stretch before storming my way up O-Hill.

Observatory Hill is 1.6 mile loop with a 270 foot climb in the first 3/4 of a mile. That is steep enough for me. It then slowly drops down to the beginning over the nine/tenths of a mile. It's a tough loop, but with woods on both sides and little traffic, it makes a nice break from the crowded streets in Charlottesville.

I then finished the run by cutting down McCormack, past the Lawn, and back out Emmet St. to U-Hall. By the time I made it back up to the corner by the track I was ready to be done. It was getting hot, and after O-Hill, my legs were ready for a break. I quickly guzzled down some Gatorade and was on my way home. Eight miles is a good start to the week for me and puts me within striking distance of reaching the 800 mile mark by Day 200 of the streak. It'll be close.

Day 193
Miles 8.0 (YTD - 762)
Time 1:06:10 (YTD - 98:49:16)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Like the Energizer Bunny

After a long day and mowing the lawn this evening, I really didn't even want to run tonight. I decided I would just put in a minimum 2 miles and take the streak to another day. About three steps into the run, I changed my mind and decided I would run 2 laps of the 1.4 mile loop in the neighborhood. I was proud of myself for pushing it out a little bit more than the minimum, but I was only about half way around the first lap when I started trying to justify only running one lap. Not wanting to be so far behind on my weekly mileage, I gave myself the SIUCB speech - for those that don't remember, SUICB is shorthand for Suck It Up, CryBaby! So when I reached the final turn of the first loop, I manned up and turned left instead of right. I wasn't sure how far I was going to end up running, but I wasn't going to go back by the house and quit at 1.4 miles.

As I continued running away from the house I just kept extending how far the run would ultimately be. In the end, my original 2 mile run ended up being five and a half. Not bad considering if it hadn't been for the streak, I wouldn't have run at all. As I've said many, many times, the hardest mile is the first one.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America! To celebrate today, I joined my wife at the annual 4th of July 5K in Charlottesville. Since one of us had to stay with our daughters, I volunteered to run the course before the race started and then cheered on the 300+ runners with the girls. Meg did awesome and ran one of her best times - probably because of signs the girls made in the car to cheer her on!

After the race, my friend Roger and I went back out for another 4.6 miles. It was a great way to spend a cool July morning.

Since the girls had headed home after the race, I had them leave my bike at the race and I rode the 16.5 miles home. The weather was perfect today.

Maybe this afternoon I'll take a nap and then its off to the fireworks this evening. I can't wait!