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Monday, September 10, 2007

So what counts as a run?

Day 4 - September 10, 2007

So the big question is - What counts as a run? I think I could ask 10 people and probably get 10 different answers. I know that some days it is going to be really difficult to find the time to get out on the road. The weather will be lousy, family will be in town, the kids activities will get in the way. The excuses are endless.

So I need to set a minimum distance at a reasonable pace fort he run to count. For me, I think that will be 1 mile completed in under 10 minutes. That way, walking the dog won't be a temptation to skip a run, but a quick jog with the wife would count. How often will I run that slow or that short? NOt very, but ont he off occassion that I'm pressed to sneak in a run, that should work.

Now, to make sure I don't start short changing myself, I'm also going to set a total distance goal for these 1000 days. Over these 1000 days, I plan to run 4400 miles. I was originally going to set the bar at 5000, but I realized that on a good week, 35 miles was tough to accomplish. And since it will take me a few weeks to get back into 35 mile/week shape, I don't want to start so too far behind.

So why 4400? Well that allows me to mythically run from San Diego, CA, up into the heart of the country and finish somewhere on the East coast - probably either Key West FL or the Outer Banks of NC, depending on where I want to finish. I've got plenty of time to decide, but it will give me another piece of motivation if I can track my progress on a map.

Today's run was quite uneventful. No deer in the mist this morning, but I did enjoy watching the sky go from dark blue, to red, to pink and back to blue, and did see a Great Blue Heron fly up by my side as I crossed Beazley Creek. I was surprised with the ease at which I climbed the long hill despite my heavy breathing at the top. It was good to get out for more than 2 or 3 miles this morning despite the nearly constant stream of Monday morning commuters.

Day: 4..... Time/Date: 6:10AM 9/10/2007..... Weather:Clear, 67F
Run: Beazley..... Miles: 5.1..... Time: 41:06..... Pace: 8:04 min/mile
Miles to Date: 14 .....Total Running Time: 1:51:58..... Weight: 176

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