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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Disqualified in a Fun Run

Day 51 - October 27, 2007

The Greene County Technical Center 5K went off as scheduled this morning despite the thick fog and standing water on the course. Water oozed up out of the ground at the starting line and the fog was so thick, you could not see across the length of the field. After a brief description of the course, along with hand drawn map, we were ready to begin. A quick lap around the soccer fields, up past the flag pole into the woods, back past the pavilion, into the woods again, across the road, enter the woods on the other side, back along the fields, down across the bridge, back past the pole for a third lap in the woods, past the pavilion again, around the soccer fields and finish on the far side - SIMPLE.

With a thunderous boom, the starting gun musket went off and I was on my way. Two young Greene County cross country runners jumped out to an early lead, and I settled into 4th place just behind Mr. G. As we rounded the soccer fields and headed to the flag pole, the young runners started to fade and Mr. G and I overtook them and left them behind as we raced through the woods. As the race progressed, Mr. G put some distance between us and for the final half of the race I was running by myself through the fog. I felt like I was running pretty well, and was pleasantly surprised at my 2 mile split - 13:35. I was way ahead of my sub seven pace prediction despite the conditions. Crossing the final field before the bridge, I expected to get a look at how big the lead Mr. G had accumulated, but the fog had settled in so thick that I could barely see 30 yards ahead. So with just under a mile to go, I settled into a pace that I was confident would get me to the finish in under my goal.

I started back up across the front of the soccer fields, headed for the flag pole to enter the third and final lap when the course "marshall" told me I was headed in the wrong direction. No I said, I need to run the third lap in the woods. But she insisted that it was only two laps in the woods. At this point I had come to a complete stop and was begging for help from anyone around. She insisted that I just go around the soccer field and finish - so I did. I crossed the finish in an amazing 17:30. Ok - I know - no way that is 5K.

After the race, the director came up to Mr. G and I and explained that he had told the "marshall" the wrong direction and we had gotten to the third lap so quickly that he was confused and sent us to the finish to soon. He talked to the third place runner, after the race, and both agreed that there was no way he would have caught us, even if we had run the entire course, and they decided to award unofficial first and second place trophies to Mr. G and me. I now have the second fastest time ever in the Greene County 4.2K.

To get in some extra miles, I did a long cool down of 1.7 miles. While I am disappointed I don't know my actual race time, I still got in a good speed workout. And hey, I went over Maybe now I'll start focusing on getting a little faster with my daily runs and preparing for the next race.

Day: 51 Time/Date: 7:45 AM 10/27/2007 Weather: Fog, 60F
Run: Greene County Park Miles: 4.6 Time: 32:20 Pace: 7:02 min/mile
Miles to Date: 200.2 Total Running Time: 25:00:17

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