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Friday, November 9, 2007

Not exactly motivating weather

Day 64 - November 9, 2007

Well, blowing off the run this morning in favor of an extra 30 minutes of sleep was rewarded with a cold, dark, rainy evening run. Without even climbing out of bed this morning, I decided it must be too cold to go out and that it would be warmer after work. Nice rationalization, but no where near accurate. In fact, when I finally did get up and take the dog out, I was surprised by how warm it actually was. Funny how 40 feels warm after one day in the 20's. I guess it never really got any warmer than that today and the cold rain that started 2 minutes into my run made it feel even cooler. Undeterred by the lousy visibility and weather, I decided to stick to my plan to run a bit farther than normal. In fact, I extended the 4.5 mile run an additional mile just to make the out and back comparison easier (20:33 out, 19:36 in). It was a good run to complete. There were plenty of hills and every run I complete in crappy weather makes it that much easier to keep the streak going in the future on days I don't want to run. But again, without this streak, there would have been no chance of me running today. So, chalk up another victory for the new training program.


Day: 64 ..... Time/Date: 6:15 PM 11/09/2007 ..... Weather: Light Rain, 41F
Run: Twin Lakes 5.4 ..... Miles: 5.4 .....Time: 40:09 ..... Pace: 7:08 min/mile
Miles to Date: 254.9 ..... Total Running Time: 31:34:16

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