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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Running in the Mist

Day 49 - October 25, 2007

Tonight was another one of those runs where everything just felt great. The miles clicked away effortlessly and not even a cold and dark misty night could dampen my running bliss. The back and hip felt much better tonight as well. I'm hoping that means I'll be ok for Saturday's race.

The roads were dead quiet tonight - I met one walker, one deer, and I was 42 minutes into the run before I met my first car. It was great to have the roads to myself.

Day: 49 Time/Date: 8:20 PM 10/25/2007 Weather: Mist, 51F
Run: Random Miles Miles: 6.7 Time: 50:12 Pace: 7:30 min/mile
Miles to Date: 192 Total Running Time: 24:01:26

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