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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Every Once in Awhile

Day 42 - October 18, 2007

Every once in awhile, I have to force myself to take the time I need to get caught up. That was this morning. I rearranged my early schedule and took the morning to finish some projects I was severely procrastinating. When I was finished, I felt a heavy burden lifted. The reward was a relaxing run in the middle of the morning, with no hurried expectation to cut it short.

Some days putting off the run until the end of the day can feel the same way. The longer I wait to run, the heavier the burden becomes and my stress level rises. By the time I force myself out the door, I don't even enjoy it. I imagine this is why a lot of people give up on running and exercise programs. I'm going to try to break the procrastination cycle and enjoy the time I have to myself - even if I am forced to dodge cars and potholes in the dark.


Day: 42 .....Time/Date: 10:30 AM 10/18/2007 .....Weather: Partly Cloudy, 70F
Run: Pea Ridge..... Miles: 5.8..... Time: 40:47 .....Pace: 7:02 min/mile
Miles to Date: 160.1 .....Total Running Time: 19:58:27

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