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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Day of Unintended Consequences

Day 38 - October 14, 2007

Today was the closest I've come to letting the streak slide. Knowing the schedule for the day, I should have gotten up pre-dawn and knocked out the miles. But...I didn't. My lunch meeting went later than planned, which screwed up my afternoon window, and an unexpected invitation closed the door on an early evening run. If it were not for this challenge, there is no way I would have gone out and run, let alone three and a half miles. But the thought of having to tell the world I failed less than 6 weeks into this was just the motivation I needed to lace up the Asics.

So, thank you running world for getting me out the door tonight.

Day: 38 Time/Date: 9:45PM 10/14/2007 Weather: Clear, 50F
Run: Geranium-Amicus Miles: 3.5 Time: 26:38 Pace: 7:37min/mile
Miles to Date: 144.4 Total Running Time: 18:06:38

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