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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tiny crescent moon

Day 3 - September 9, 2007

Another beautiful morning made it pretty easy to get out and run this morning. Stepping out the door, I noticed the tiniest sliver of light painting a perfect smile on the bottom of the rising moon. I decided today to extend my normal Davis run a little further than normal and introduce an early hill. The hill itself is short (less than a couple hundred yards long), but it is steep enough to get the blood pumping. I pushed up the hill and then enjoyed the gentle grades of the remaining miles. As I passed the same pasture as Friday, the mist was filling all the low areas and parallel pink clouds dissected the brightening blue sky. At the south end of the meadow, a doe and her fawn spot me coming down the path. With one graceful leap, the doe cleared all 8 strands and 6 feet of wire. The fawn took the linebacker approach and bull-rushed the third and fourth wires. I continued on and enjoyed the quiet morning. I had but one car to share the road with this morning. The reamining miles clicked away and before I realized it, I was home. If the next 997 days go like today, this thing will be easy.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Day: 3....Time/Date: 6:20AM 9/9/2007.....Weather:Clear, 60F
Run: N Carnation to Davis.....Miles: 3.6.....Time: 29:05....Pace: 8:05 min/mile
Miles to Date: 8.9.....Total Running Time: 1:10:52

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