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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Five

Day 15 - September 21, 2007

Not a lot to say about today's run other than it was a lot faster than when I ran this same route on Day 4. I was really surprised to see that my time was 2 minutes faster today. I'm looking forward to the nice weather forcast for this weekend and the chance to run in the daylight. Today was a good start to week three, which I think should go pretty smoothly. Next Friday will be the key to keeping the streak going due to the early morning departure for NYC.


Day: 15..... Time/Date: 6:10AM 9/21/2007 .....Weather: Clear 55F
Run: Beazely..... Miles: 5.1..... Time: 39:04..... Pace: 7:40 min/mile
Miles to Date: 53.4..... Total Running Time: 6:47:37 .....Weight: 176

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