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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That was a very bad idea

Day 12 - September 18, 2007

Formula # 1 for a running disaster:

Skip the morning run + big heavy lunch + sit on butt all day at desk + run toughest hill in area for finish = bluahk

That was not what I would call a fun run. It started out ok - I slowly climbed the short distance to the top of OHill and cruised down the back side. I enjoyed the pace as I ran down towards 5th St Extended but after about a mile, I started regretting that big lunch. The constant motion started to cramp up my innards as my body tried to limit the sloshing. When I reached the bus stop at Cleveland I contemplated turning around (or just hitching a ride) but instead chose to stop and stretch. In the past, this was part of the routine, run a couple of warm-up miles, stop and stretch, then blast out the remaining mileage. So, I didn't think too much about stopping this first time. Feeling better, I continued on down to 5th Street.

When I slowed to turn back up Harris, the cramps came back with a vengeance. Not wanting to waste the nine bucks I spent on lunch, I decided to stop and "stretch" a second time. When the cramps subsided, I started back up Harris and started doing the mental math required to figure out how much longer I'd have to run just to finish. Some days this is all that can distract me from the pain of knowing I still have 2.5 miles and a major hill to go.

As the minutes clicked by I thought it was getting better, but sure enough, when I got to Cleveland I felt like the bus plowed through the stop and come to rest on my stomach. For the third time in 30 minutes, I was forced to stop and regain my composure. This was now bordering on embarrassing. I've been running consistently for 8 years. This shouldn't happen to an experienced runner...but then again experienced runners should know better.

I forced myself to take that first step towards Alderman. This wouldn't have been too bad, but I knew that I still had to climb 2/3, and the steep 2/3, of OHill to get back to the car. I turned the corner to start the climb and was greeted by 2 runners speeding down. They just grinned as they went by - probably laughing inside at the horrid look on my face and knowing that I hadn't even hit the tough part of the hill. And they were right - what a fool I was to think I was ready for that quarter mile of hell. When I finally arrived at the car, I was breathing so hard I had to double over. I couldn't even keep my eyes open and my teeth hurt.

Have you ever run so hard your teeth hurt? I can't explain it, but I've had that feeling before. I guess its a result of me gritting my teeth, but I wish I didn't do it. Not exactly an endorphin rush. But, I finished, no matter how ugly it was.

You have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones. Tomorrow will be better.

Enjoy your evening,

Day: 12 .....Time/Date: 5:05PM 9/18/2007..... Weather:Sunny, 70F
Run: OHill-5thSt.... Miles: 6.0 .....Time: 43:28 .....Pace: 7:15 min/mile
Miles to Date: 40.9 ..... Total Running Time: 5:11:25..... Weight: 175

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