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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Closing out the Year

Day 115 - December 30, 2007

December is finally coming to an end and life is slowly returning to normal. It was a cold dreary day today and I wasn't very motivated to run. So I hung around the neighborhood and went through the motions for 3.5 miles. No heroics to end the month. The weather forecast looks better for tomorrow, so hopefully I can celebrate the end of 2007 with a better run.

In keeping with my looking back at 2007 theme, you can see that it has been a very up and down running year for me. I never really got it going at the beginning of the year and fell off into complete laziness by the summer.

With September and the beginning of this streak, I've gotten much more consistent. Even with the minimal running I've done in December, I'll still should hit 90 miles for the month.
Tomorrow I'll compare this year to 2006 and hopefully show (even myself) that the streak is a good thing.

Day: 115 Time/Date: 11:45 AM 12/30/2007 Weather: Light Rain, 42F
Run: Geranium-Amicus Miles: 3.5 Time: 25:40 Pace: 7:20 min/mile
Miles to Date: 431.9 Total Running Time: 53:02:20

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