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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Better Late than never

Day 92 - December 7, 2007

No, the streak didn't end on Day 92 - I just ran out of time to post before I passed out on the couch. But, today's run was certainly not a run that will live in infamy. It was just another quickie after work just to get some miles in. Most likely this will be the routine until at least Tuesday as I have more things scheduled than there are hours in the day. Gotta love December.


Day: 92..... Time/Date: 5:45 PM 12/07/2007..... Weather: Cloudy, 38F
Run: Daffodil Geranium Loop .....Miles: 2.7..... Time: 19:49 .....Pace: 7:20 min/mile
Miles to Date: 367.9 .....Total Running Time: 45:21:01

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