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Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Run Friday

The only rule I have for my streak is that I run at least 1 mile at a pace faster than 10 min/mile each day. This morning, Meg asked me to run 3 miles with her and I gladly accepted the invitation. The only trouble was, I knew that we were likely to run slower than 10 minute miles and I wasn't sure how that fit in with that rule. I would definitely be doing more than a mile, but not at the pace I set. Hmmm...the solution - two runs. While she was getting ready, I went out and ran 2 miles at my normal pace and then ran the 3.3 miles with her.

This week has been really good for mileage. I'm already at 32 miles and I still have a day to go. The plan will be to go easy on Saturday and then get a long run in to start the week on Sunday.

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