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Saturday, March 14, 2009

After dinner, in the dark, in the rain

Tonight I just feel fortunate that I got out to run. A couple hour trip into C-ville turned into a 7.5 hour trip that involved dinner at Chili's (happy B-day Molly) and 3 hours trying to find just the right combination of toys, movies, books, and games to maximize the spending power of birthday gift cards. We were at Target long enough for the manager to offer me a red shirt and name tag.

After all of that, I had no idea how the run would go, and with the rain, I didn't want to end up walking home from too far away. So I stuck to a 1.3 mile loop and just ran it a few times and then ran a half lap to finish. That was enough to get me to 35 miles for the week and I should still be fresh enough for a long run tomorrow afternoon.

I guess I should mention (or at least I guess it is obvious) that I didn't run the 8k this morning. My challengers who tried to get me to run the race with them bailed when they saw the weather forecast and I wasn't disappointed. I can run in the rain here just fine and don't have to drive 45 minutes and pay $40 to do it. I'm not sure if I'll get a race in before the 10 miler in April or if I'll just wing it. I don't have any aspirations of a PR this year, so I'm not too worried about it.

Day 73 of running streak
Today's Run 4.6 miles (YTD 286.6 miles)
Today's Time 0:36:29 (YTD 37:05:41)

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