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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 70 - Windy 6 Miles

Fortunately the temperature today was back up in the 70's because if it had been in the 30's, the wind would have made it bitterly cold. It was very gusty tonight and the first three miles were straight into the teeth of it. I really struggled up the first few hills as the wind was constantly pushing me back. But as hard as it was, I was very thankful that I would have the tailwind on the way back. I wanted to break 44 minutes and despite an all out effort the last minute and a half, I still came up 5 seconds short. Oh well, something to work for next time.

I'm really pleased with my progress this year. My average run is approaching 4 miles (275 miles in 70 days) and I'm pretty easily hitting 30+ miles a week now. I've already run long runs of 8+ miles and even have completed a 10.5 mile run. I'm thinking I might actually run the Charlottesville 10 miler now. I still won't run as fast as I have in the past (64:09 in 2005), but it is a fun race and it is local. We'll see.

Today's run: 6 miles (YTD 275.8 miles)
Today's time: 0:44:05 (YTD 35:41:06)

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