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Monday, March 2, 2009

And the snow came

Knowing I had another long day of work and family commitments today (Happy B-day Sarah), I decided to get up early and get my run in. Overnight it continued to snow, but the accumulation was really low here at the house (maybe 2 inches), but it was still snowing and blowing and sticking to everything.

For a while now, I've had the idea of taking a camera with me on a run and snapping photos along the way and what better day to try it than in the middle of a snow storm. As I started out, it was still snowing and the roads were covered. The snow was so fine that packed under foot, so traction wasn't too bad, but still slippery.

I decided I would stick with a favorite run that would take me through some wooded sections and avoid as much traffic as possible. The run starts out with a pretty steep hill, but as you can see, a few cars had already made it too the top. After making up the hill, I turned out to Swift Run Rd and then on down to the main road. As you can see in the photo on the left, the plows had not been out yet.

Fortunately, I only needed to be on the main road for a few hundred feet and then I turned down a "dirt" road. Of course, it was nearly pristine snow. There's just something cool about being the first set of tracks in fresh snow.

The wind started to come up and the blowing snow was really coming down. At times, visibility dropped to almost nothing, but would clear up within a few seconds.

Today's run was pretty fun, but I'll be sore from all the slipping and sliding. It is amazing how much that little extra slip affects your stride and stretches it out. Tomorrow should be back to normal as most of the snow melted this afternoon. The forecast is for chilly temperatures, but spring-like weather is on the way.

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