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Monday, March 30, 2009

Back on my feet

Day 89 - March 30, 2009

My energy returned today and I felt 100x better than yesterday. I went out for an easy three and a half miles and it felt pretty good after the first mile and a half. I think it just took that long to clear my lungs.

I've got 5 days left until the race and I think I should be back near 100% by then. Tomorrow I will test my endurance a bit and try to get 6 miles in, then taper back until the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

March has been one of my best months of running in quite a few years. As of today, I'm at 150 miles for the month! If I can continue to string together months of that high mileage, I may consider running another marathon this fall - but I'll wait and see how the 10 miler goes first!

Today's Run 3.6 miles (YTD - 366)
Today's Time 0:26:52 (YTD - 47:07:39)

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