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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sure you'll be ready by 7

Day 303 - July 5, 2008

Didn't make it up before the alarm this morning but I was ready to crawl out of that death-trap of a pull-out sofa as soon as possible. As if that monstrosity wasn't uncomfortable enough, our 7 year old decided she needed to sleep in it as well last night. Can you say no sleep!

Anyway - not that that has anything to do with running. Getting up early was worth it. Today was another perfect morning for running. If my legs had not been so tired from yesterdays 7+ miles followed by a day of walking around the zoo, I'm sure I would have gone for another long run today. Instead I settled for a 23 minute 3.3 mile out and back. I thought I needed to be back by 7am so I was pushing it. Turns out no one else was awake when I got back so there was no hurry.

Finishing early has one extra benefit - now I get to sit here in Panera, sipping my coffee and post using the free WI-FI, while everyone fights over the one tiny bathroom. Ain't life grand.

Day: 303 Time/Date: 6:30 AM 7/5/2008 Weather: Clear, 59F
Run: Cleveland Running Miles: 3.3 Time: 23:08 Pace: 7:01 min/mile
Miles to Date: 985.6 Total Running Time: 120:48:08

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