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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hey, I Remember You

Day 319 - July 21, 2008

An old friend came to visit me on the run today - the mid-run stretch. I forgot how much I missed taking a short break after warming up for a mile or two. Stretching really helped this morning as I was crawling along at speeds a sloth would find slow. I didn't do much, just 2 or 3 minutes to work the quads, calves, hamstrings, and inner thigh. I tried to stretch out my creaking back, but I don't think it did much. But, just those two or three minutes made a world of difference. It had taken me 10:40 to get to my stretching spot, but it took less than 9:40 on the way back. I need to remember to invite my old friend along with me on my morning runs. My times will start looking better and I imagine I'll have less problems with sore legs. So thank you old friend for joining me today.

Day: 319 Time/Date: 6:30 AM 7/21/2008 Weather: Cloudy, 71F
N Carnation-Davis Miles: 3.6 Time: 26:35 Pace: 7:23 min/mile
Miles to Date:
1034.8 Total Running Time: 126:54:33

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