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Monday, January 21, 2008

Friends don't let friends get hit by cars

Day 137 - January 21, 2008

Tonight was a close call. I was running with a friend and we were cruising along on a 4 mile run. There was a lot of traffic after work, and we were doing our best to stay out of the way. Near the end of the run, we came upon a truck pulling out of an apartment complex and I decided to go behind. Just as I entered the street, my friend yells watch out........I grabbed the tailgate of the truck just in time to stop myself as a car turning into the complex passed in front. I never saw the car coming up from behind and I'm sure they never saw me. Thanks R, I owe you one. That could have been messy.

And to the girl driving the truck - sorry I scared the crap out of you.

Day: 137 Time/Date: 5:15 PM 1/21/2008 Weather: Clear, 29F
Run: Four Seasons Loop Miles: 4.0 Time: 28:57 Pace: 7:14 min/mile
Miles to Date: 508.4 Total Running Time: 62:12:59

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