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Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspired by the challenge

Day 418 - February 22, 2010

Over the last several weeks, I've been reading several running blogs and the theme this year seems to be Accept the Challenge. First it was ACE at The Longest Run accepting the challenge and taking on the Leadville 100. For me, that sounded absolutely crazy. A race where they give you a prize just for finishing in under 25 - yes 25 - hours. But I was so impressed that someone would not only dare to run something like that, but also put it out for the whole world to know and hold you accountable. Good luck ACE!

Then I was reading about all the 50k+ races that are being run this year at left-right-repeat, and I thought, wow! That is some serious running. Not just one big race, but one every month.

Then Perry at Just Your Average Joggler not only takes on big running challenges, he does it while juggling. Earlier this year he ran (and juggled) over 32 miles in the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek over snow covered trails. Just over ten hours of juggling in the snow. Crazy, but I'm in awe of the fortitude it takes to accomplish that.

And of course, lest I forget, Mr. Nitmos from Feet Meet Street who declared 2010 to be the Year of the Ass Kicker (Y.A.K.). How can you not be inspired by a man seeking the "Puke Threshold".

All of this had me yearning to do more with my running. I wanted to do more than just run everyday. I needed a goal that would push me to my limits. And then I saw the ad on Facebook. A race that self declares to be the "toughest one day event on the planet". I had to know more.

I quickly googled "Tough Mudder" and was instantly hooked. Seven miles up and down the mountain at Bear Creek Ski Area with 17 ridiculous obstacles, such as crawling through snow, jumping off a 15 foot high plank into freezing cold water, navigating under water tunnels, belly crawling under 8" high barbed wire and running through fire. It sounds awesome. The average finishing time is expected to be two and a half hours. This is not your grandmother's Muddy Buddy.*

It took me a few days to work up the nerve, but last night I hit send on my registration and I am in. It is the first race I will ever participate in that the waiver actually says you have a "better than average chance of dying" in this race. I may be insane, but I am totally jazzed to attempt this.

What better way to make this year a YAK, than to complete the Tough Mudder on May 2. Only 67 more days to prepare. I can't wait.

* - That was a least until I finish the Tough Mudder.


Ace said...

Dude that is awesome! It looks a lot like (and I wonder if it is related to the Tough Guy races over in England?)

I just preregistered for the one in Colorado. I will be looking for some tips from you and some awesome pics!

Chris said...

They claim they are not affiliated with Tough Guy, but I suspect that is where they got the idea. My wife is going to document the race for me so I should have lots of photos. That is awesome you signed up for Colorado. This should be fun.

Doug said...

Too cool! If I can get a posse together from here in Indiana, I'll be there.

Chris said...

That's awesome Doug - let me know if you decide to do it.