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Monday, February 4, 2008

Why is predicting the weather so hard?

Day 151 - February 4, 2008

I swear I don't know why I watch the weather forecast. Last night, our local weather person gave the thumbs up for a great day today with temperatures in the high 50's. So at 5 am, when I saw that it was really frosty out, I thought hey I can run after work when it is all warm out. That gave me plenty of time to get ready for work and I even stopped to wash all the salt off the car this morning. About 30 minutes after getting to work, the skies opened up. Why do people say skies anyway? IS there really more than one sky? rained for most of the day. So much for 10% chance of rain. By late afternoon, the rain had stopped and it looked like it was going to be ok for the run.

Well, wouldn't you know, a mile and a half into the run I felt the first drop. Within about 3.8 seconds, it was pouring. I was drenched. The rain finally relented to a steady drizzle about 2 miles later and continued the rest of the way. So much for timing today.

But, long story short, I got in another quality run of 5+ miles at a decent pace. I don't see a long run happening this week unless I can squeeze it in on Thursday. Hopefully I can find a way to build up my long run endurance quickly - but it usually doesn't work that way.

Day: 151 Time/Date: 5:40 PM 2/4/2008 Weather: Rain, 48F
Run: AVIR 5.7 Miles: 5.7 Time: 40:15 Pace: 7:04 min/mile
Miles to Date: 563.2 Total Running Time: 68:56:20

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