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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dude I Could Have Run During a Lunar Eclipse

Day 167 - February 20, 2008

My original plan was to run after all of my meetings for the day/night had ended which would have been around 9:30 PM. But, I found that I had just enough time to squeeze in a quick run between dinner and the first evening meeting, while it was still light out, so I took it. I was all proud of myself for getting the run done and not procrastinating. As I walked out of my last meeting, I was so excited that I was finally done. I looked up at the crystal clear sky and something was not right - the moon, which had been nearly full yesterday, was only a partial sliver. I mentioned it to a friend and she was like duh - it was in the paper.

I can't believe I had missed it. How often do you have the opportunity to run by eclipse light? With my photography habit, I'm usually on top of predictable, cool natural phenomena, but I completely missed this one. At least I have another 833 days for another chance.

Day: 167 Time/Date: 6:00 PM 2/20/2008 Weather: Clear, 35F
Run: Amicus 2 mile Miles: 2.0 Time: 14:09 Pace: 7:04 min/mile
Miles to Date: 603.4 Total Running Time: 73:50:55

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