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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Run before a Ride

Day 336 - August 7, 2008

This week hasn't exactly gone as planned with craziness at work and gobs of stuff to do at home. But tonight I said it can all wait and went out for a short run and then immediately went out for a bike ride. The run wasn't much to brag about - just a couple of miles - but it got me warmed up for my ride. I've never done a multi-sport event (triathlon or biathlon) so it was cool to experience that transition. I'll probably do more of this as it gets closer to the cycling challenge and I get deeper into my training. But the run will always come first and the streak will continue - even past October 26th!

336 Time/Date: 7:20 PM 8/7/2008 Weather: Partly Cloudy, 90F
Amicus 2 mile Miles: 2.0 Time: 14:45 Pace: 7:23 min/mile
Miles to Date:
1093.8 Total Running Time: 134:18:53

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