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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good weekend of running

Day 263 - September 20, 2009

The weather was pretty nice this weekend and I was able to work in two good runs this weekend. Saturday, I mapped out a 10 mile run and was looking forward to a long run. Note to self: don't believe everything you see on Google Maps. I mapped out a run that was supposed to start on Fredericksburg Road and turn west onto South River Road. Well, after running on that first road for much longer than I had expected, I came to a road that I knew was after South River Road. Now what do I do? I decided to just go with it look for an intersection somewhere near the 40 minute mark and then turn around. That worked out as I came to a crossroads at 40 minutes and 40 seconds. Nice. On the way back, I paid extra attention to see where I missed South River Road. Turns out, I didn't. The road doesn't actually connect to Fredericksburg Road. I'm just glad I wasn't running it from the other direction and end up at a dead end only a mile from where I planned to finish. I think I'll do a quick drive of the route next time I plan to do a loop I haven't run before. In the end, the run mapped out at 10.7 miles so all was fine.

Today, I gave my legs a break and just put in a relatively easy 4.2 mile recovery run. It was one of my favorite runs and it felt good to get out and loosen up.

I'll close today with a quick update on my YTD progress. I am currently on pace for 1430 miles which would be a personal best for a year. I think there is still a chance I can get to 1460 and average 4 miles per run for the year.

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Ace said...

I think this was the weekend of non-connecting roads, missed turns, etc for a lot of people! 4 miles/run average would be amazing! Go for it!