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Monday, April 27, 2009

Time for new shoes

Day 117 - April 27, 2009

After three straight runs with leg pain, I decided it was time to hang up the Asics 1130's and buy a new pair of running shoes. Over the last two years I've floated between the 1100 and 2100 series of shoes. Sometimes I made the decision on price, others on how the cushioning felt, and sadly at times, on the color choices available.

With the higher mileage I've been running this spring, I decided to go with the more cushioned Asics 2140. I wasn't crazy about the extra $15 for the upgrade, but if it keeps my legs feeling fresher, than it will be worth it.

I've pretty much run in Asics for my entire running career. In high school I ran in Reebok (back when they actually focused on making running shoes) and Nike, but eventually settled on Asics. I am a big fan of the gel cushioning and the great durability of the shoe. I typically get 400+ miles out of a single pair and have even gone as high as 500 miles on occasion. With a style of shoe for every foot, body type, and running form, I highly recommend having a running shop professionally fit you to the right shoe in the Asics line-up. I know I'm looking forward to breaking in my new shoes tomorrow.

Today's Run - 5.1 miles (YTD 492 miles)
Today's Time - 0:40:11 (YTD 63:20:22)

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