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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running with the girls

As I was lacing up my shoes today, Sarah asked if she could run with me. Not wanting to discourage her, I said sure. She got ready as fast as she could and we were out the door. Being a miniature version of me, she wanted to tackle the hardest hill in the neighborhood and insisted we run the loop in that direction. To her credit, she did it and finished the run faster than we had run the other day when we ran down that hill. I took her back inside, and was ready to head out for my run when a small voice from across the house asked if she could run with me. So, Molly and I headed out and ran the reverse of the loop that Sarah and I had just completed. She did a great job and was 15 seconds faster than her little sister - yes we are that competitive :)

With 15 minutes of running complete and me still standing on my front porch, I decided I would run the loop one more time as fast as I could and call it a day. I'm sure my workout today breaks all the major rules of training, but it was good to spend a few quality minutes with my girls out on the road.

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