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Friday, April 3, 2009

As good as its gonna get

Day 93 - April 3, 2009

The training is over - now it's all about getting mentally prepared for 10 miles.

The day before the biggest race of the spring and pouring rain - you gotta love a running streak. I wonder how many of the 2000+ runners in tomorrow's Charlottesville 10 miler decided to take the day off?

I would have preferred some better weather today, but I'm thankful it isn't going to rain tomorrow. Today I started out in a mist which quickly turned into a downpour. I'm hoping I can get my shoes dry before morning. But, I plodded along through the puddles and mud for three and half miles and am now ready to take on tomorrow's challenge.

Just a side note: as I sit here typing this, less than 30 minutes after finishing the run, the sun is out with blue skies overhead! Gotta love the irony in that timing.

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