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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recovery and breaking the 400 mile mark

Today was my third recovery run from the 10 miler and the soreness is just about gone. I was back up to 5 miles today. I guess the legs felt ok, because I was totally lost in my thoughts today and really don't remember anything from the run.

Yesterday's 3.5 miles put me right at 400 miles, exactly 21 days after breaking 300 miles. I can handle 100 miles every three weeks. That would be a great total for the year.

I don't intend to run to hard the rest of the week - I just want to keep the streak going and hopefully log ~30 miles.

Today's Run - 5.1 miles (YTD 405.8 miles)
Today's time - 0:39:49 (YTD 52:06:23)

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