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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Speed Work

Day 207 - July 26, 2009

The wife and I both needed to get in a run tonight and the compromise was to head over to the track, where we can both run our own workouts and the kids can ride their bikes and play on the playgrounds.

It all started out great and the workout was awesome. I ran a mile and half warm-up around the school, and then started some 800 m repeats with a 400 recovery. The first felt good and I ran a respectable 3:03. The second felt a bit tougher and I thought I was slower, but when I checked my time, it was just under 3:01. I really pressed on the third, and broke the 3 minute mark at 2:59. I was all geared up for the 4th when it happened - nature was calling the girls and the school was all locked up. Workout over.

My wife was a half mile short of finishing her run, so I dropped her off at the edge of our neighborhood and she was able to complete her miles. When she got home, I headed out for a 2 mile run and ran my last unmeasured half mile after hitting the turnaround. The last "half mile" was a 3:24, but I'm sure it was long. A quick check of gmap-pedometer claims .54, but I usually figure that is good for plus or minus a tenth of a mile.

Either way, I still finished 5.5 miles, we both got in our workouts, and the girls had a good time racing us around the track (we have an asphalt track - I'd never let them ride on an all-weather track).

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