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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eight Miles through Charlottesville

Day 193 - July 12, 2009

I was in Charlottesville today and had some time for a run through some of my old running routes. I started at the UVA track and weaved my way through some of the university neighborhoods then turned down University Ave and around the Corner. I was surprised by the number of students and parents out about this morning. I felt bad dodging my way through them, but most appeared oblivious to my presence. From the corner I turned up JPA by the hospital. I had a 5-7 mile run in mind, but as I ran up JPA I started to think I was going to finish in under 5 miles. I debated for a few strides and then decided to turn away from Grounds and cut down Shamrock, across the tracks over to Cherry Ave. I looped back up the hill on Cleveland and finally made it back to JPA extended. As I made my way back to Alderman, I stopped at the Aquatic and Fitness Center for a drink of water and a quick stretch before storming my way up O-Hill.

Observatory Hill is 1.6 mile loop with a 270 foot climb in the first 3/4 of a mile. That is steep enough for me. It then slowly drops down to the beginning over the nine/tenths of a mile. It's a tough loop, but with woods on both sides and little traffic, it makes a nice break from the crowded streets in Charlottesville.

I then finished the run by cutting down McCormack, past the Lawn, and back out Emmet St. to U-Hall. By the time I made it back up to the corner by the track I was ready to be done. It was getting hot, and after O-Hill, my legs were ready for a break. I quickly guzzled down some Gatorade and was on my way home. Eight miles is a good start to the week for me and puts me within striking distance of reaching the 800 mile mark by Day 200 of the streak. It'll be close.

Day 193
Miles 8.0 (YTD - 762)
Time 1:06:10 (YTD - 98:49:16)

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