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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Running in new places

Tonight was one of those serendipitous moments when by pure chance I picked the right direction to start my run.

When I booked my hotel for today, I thought I was going to be near the river and less than a mile from the mount Vernon/Potomac river trail (I'm sure that's not the right name, but it doesn't really matter). When I got to my hotel last night, I realized I was in strip mall off the interstate hell. No sidewalks. 1000s of cars. No where near the river. I'm really not sure how I made that mistake.

Anyway, I still needed to run. I poured over Google maps and nothing looked like an obvious place to run. So, I just decided to wing it, dodge the cars as best I could, log a couple of miles, and call it a day.

At the first intersection, I decided to change direction. I really don't know why I did, but less than a mile later I was on a bike path with no traffic. How lucky was that! I ended up running a fairly safe 6 miles. I even beat the thunderstorms, but I looked like I had been out in a downpour when I was finished. It was a bit humid, but I didn't care. I proved yet again that getting out is over half the battle. I was ready to bag the run, instead I logged 6 miles, just because I didn't give in. Awesome.

Hope everyone else had a good run today!

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Doug said...

Amen, brother! And finding that bike path is karma pay back... good karma.