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Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily commute

Day 569 - July 23, 2010

Today I ran to work. Now for some, that would be no big deal, but I have a 20 minute drive on a normal day. Commuting to work for me requires a 14+ mile run. Perfect for my long run this week and right on schedule for my marathon training! The best part was I convinced my carpool partner to join me. I "picked him up" two miles into the run and we ran the rest of the way into the office. We were both pretty tired, but it made the run more fun having someone to commiserate with.

Today's run also put me over 900 miles for the year and gave me 130 for the month. With 8 days remaining, I only have 45 miles to go to reach 175! That would be my best month since college. Hopefully this will all pay off in October!

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