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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm in - I want to make 2010 a Y.A.K.

I came across a post on Feet Meet Street that made me immediately add the blog to my Google Reader. I mean, any guy who realizes that

"my “preview” is better than your “review” because it has a “p” in front of the word review."*

*This applies to many situations. Isn’t being “phat” better than being a “hat”? I thought so.
clearly has the right perspective about blogging and running. So I am vowing to make 2010 the Year of the Ass Kicker (Y.A.K.). I want to push the Puke Threshold, set a 5K and marathon PR, and possibly run an ultra (reality may prevent that one). I'm going to make 2009 look like the prequel to the best running year ever. Thanks Nitmos for the added motivation.

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Megan said...

You are a freak of nature. I cannot believe that you want to push the puke threshold or run an ultra. Are you crazy? When are you going to find time to train for this? Guess we'll see you in 2011.