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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally Fever Free

Day 393 - January 28, 2010

My fever finally broke yesterday and I went back to work today. I'm still far from 100% and my energy is still pretty low. I did push my run out to a mile and a half tonight which was just far enough that I coughed up both lungs when I finished. But, it's all down hill from here. I expect it will be another week before I feel 100%, but my pace was better today.

The important thing is I survived and so did the running streak. Thank you Motrin for giving me a small window each day where I could struggle through a run. On to 1000.


Doug said...

Great news! Way to slog through it, man.

Perry said...

Way to gut it out! If running streaks were easy, everyone would do it.

I had a knee injury last week that put the thought in my head for the first time that maybe I'd take a day off. But that would be silly. I sucked up the pain and ran anyway.

Today, (day 438) I feel good.

Great work and congratulations on keeping your streak alive.

Perry, 44
The joggler

Chris said...

Thanks Doug and Perry - I'm glad I made it through. I appreciate the comments.

Perry - glad to hear your knee is feeling better.