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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night Run

Day 240 - August 28, 2009

I'm looking to close out August with a big push in mileage. If I can squeak out another 18 miles in the next three days, I will have 124 miles for the month. That would mean I increased my average to 4 miles per day. The weather here is very iffy for the next three days, but I think I can do it if Danny doesn't turn west. Getting in a 10 miler tomorrow or Sunday would be huge.

As of today, I'm on pace to match my best mileage year ever and I'd really like to break that record. If I can accumulate 1425 miles, that would do it, but I'd really like to get to 1460. I currently am averaging 3.9 miles per day, and to get to 1460, I need to average 4.2 for the last 125 days. How hard can it be to add .3 miles to every run?

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Ace said...

Wow dude, you are racking up the miles. I can relate to trying to up those confounded mileage averages, just not that high! Keep it up!