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Monday, August 31, 2009

Close, but didn't make it

Day 243 - August 31, 2009

Well, maybe I was a big sissy, but after getting stung on Saturday night, and having my ankle turn into a swollen softball, I cut back my mileage to make sure I didn't do more damage. While it didn't really hurt, it looked like I had suffered a major sprain. Yesterday was actually pretty tough to run with all that swelling.

Today was better. I stayed off my feet most of the day and the swelling went down a little. I went out for a nice run this afternoon, in the much more seasonable temperatures, and didn't really notice it. Since it felt better, I stayed out for about 45 minutes and ran just under 6 miles. So I ended the month with 116 miles, 8 shy of where I wanted to be. At least now I have a goal for September.

Today also brings me to the conclusion of my 8th month of running everyday this year. For the year I have completed 945 miles. I've run at least 100 miles every month. Here are the monthly totals:
Jan - 102.2
Feb - 113.8
Mar - 156.2*
Apr - 135.3*
May - 101.2
Jun - 107.6
Jul - 112.8
Aug - 116

* I had lots of time to run in March and April when I was temporarily unemployed.

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