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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New set of tires

Day 508 - May 23, 2010

I upgraded my shoes today and man were my feet appreciative. My last several pair of shoes have been the Asics 2150 or 1150 series shoes. I've been disappointed that a $100 shoe like the 2150 can be so variable in durability. My current pair were dead before 300 miles, but I unwisely stretched them out to 330 or so. This time I decided to upgrade to the Kayano and wow, what a difference. The road felt so soft today. If I can get a few more miles out of them, all the better. Hopefully this will help get rid of the aches and pains I've been feeling the last week or so. I've got a bad spot of tendinitis in left Achilles that I've been icing every day for a week. It hasn't forced me to cut back on mileage yet, but it does hurt a bit when I don't move it for awhile. For now, I'm hoping the shoes will help. I'll keep you posted.

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