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Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding Time

Day 278 - October 5, 2009

The biggest excuse I hear about not exercising is not having enough time. With a running streak, excuses don't cut it. You have to find time. Finding time has not been as hard as I thought it might be. Tonight was a good example.

Monday nights are dance class night, which means I get to take my daughter to class and wait around 45 minutes for the class to end. Normally I take my laptop, surf the web, and generally waste time. Today, I decided I would use the time for my run. 45 minutes is plenty of time to get a 4 mile run finished and be back in plenty of time for the class to end.

I've found plenty of times when I thought the day was too busy, but, when I got past the excuses, there was always time to run. Exercising everyday is really just a matter of making the choice to do it. What are you going to choose?

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Ace said...

You are right on with this one. There are no excuses. We waste sooo much time in our day. It really boils down to whether you really want to do it or not.