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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weird weather day

I mentioned in my last post that we had an ice storm coming and sure enough, we had over 1/2 inch of sleet and freezing rain. I was able to slide through a short run yesterday while the storm was in progress without too much difficulty because at that point it was all sleet and snow. But then the freezing rain came and put a 1/4 inch glaze on everything. So today I waited as long as I could for it to warm up and melt a little before heading out. At 4:30, I noticed the temperature had climbed above 35 but it was still raining - or so I thought. I decided that was going to be my last good opportunity to run before the refreeze. As I headed out the door, the sky looked as if it was clearing off and it was then that I realized the rain was actually melting ice falling off the wires and tree limbs. Ok, cool, it shouldn't be that bad of a run. And it wasn't except for the several patches of unmelted slush and ice. The wind was swirling and it was the most bizzare wind I've ever encountered. At times, it would blow out of the north and was quite chilly. Then it would switch directions and it was like standing downwind of a campfire. I would say the wind out of the south was easily 70 or 80 degrees. It felt like a summer breeze. As it would blow by, the ice on the trees would melt even faster and it was like a downpour. Then, the wind would switch back and it would get cool. I checked the temperature again when I got home and it had warmed to 41 degrees in 28 minutes. I'd expect that at sunrise, not as the sun was going down. Very, very weird.

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