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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three days makes a streak?

Just an update - I have run the last two days. Nothing special - a 2 mile quick run before getting ready for a dinner party and today I went out for 3.6 miles on my favorite local run. One reaon I like that run is that there is a good chance of seeing wildlife and this morning was no exception. Just over a mile into the run, a small buck ran across the road and bounded through the woods to my left. I also saw a handful of squirrels running about gathering acorns under the frost covered leaves.

I did reach a milestone today in my running career - I have now logged over 13,000 miles of running since 1990. Considering I didn't run at all from 1992-1998, that isn't too bad. To put that in perspective, the circumfrence of the moon is only 6790 miles. 13,000 miles is the equivalent of running one lap around the earth at a latitude of 58 degrees (a trip that wuld take me through Juneau Alaska, Oslo Norway, and Stockholm Sweeden) Pretty far north, but still cool.

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