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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I should have listened

Ever have that feeling that your body is telling you today is not the day for a long run? I should have listened. I had a feeling I wasn't properly hydrated for today's run and after about 9 miles, I knew it. There was no way to shorten the run either. I had my wife drop me off at the Target shopping center and I was running a direct route home and I forgot to bring my cell phone. So, no short cuts, no bailing out and getting a ride back. I was able to finish without cramping up, but the last couple of miles were really tough and way off pace. I hit the 17 mile mark and walked the last quarter home.

Probably was bit more than I should have attempted given that today's run puts me at 54 miles for the first week of the year. Too big a jump.

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Ace said...

54 miles! What is the total mileage goal for this year?