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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ZOMBIES - Everywhere

Day 655 - October 17, 2010

Charlottesville was a scary scene this morning as hundreds of zombies showed up for breakfast at Lee Park and the start of the Danger, Zombie, Run 5k. We humans were spotted a 90 second head start and had to not only avoid the chasing horde, but also hidden zombies along the course who popped out of no where to steal your soul (a red ribbon taped to our backs).

You probably heard the joke about going hiking and not having to out run a bear, just the slowest person in your group. Well that was the mentality today. I got out quick off the start and let the zombies feast on the crowd behind me. Some might call that cowardly. I call it survival.

My only close encounter came when the course doubled back around for the finish and we had to mingle in with the lapped runners. Two zombies tried to make a dash and steal my ribbon, but I found another gear and put some sidewalk between me and the dead.

I pushed on to the safety of Lee Park and finished the run in second overall (19:00). I was hoping to run about 30 seconds faster, but there were no splits on the course and my internal GPS must have been off. Still a good finish and happy to have survived. I think less than 10 out of the 400+ runners finished with their souls intact.

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