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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My theory about dogs may be wrong

Day 617 - September 9, 2010

In general when I'm running, it is the ankle biters that I have a problem with. Big dogs are generally just curious or prefer to defend their yards. Before today, I'd never been bitten by a large dog. BEFORE TODAY! Grrrr.

Today I was running through the neighborhood with a friend when two large dogs came running out of their yards barking. My first thought was, "no big deal, big dog, they'll back off". The first dog nearly clipped my heels as he passed behind me, but he left me alone. The second dog was a split second behind him and I thought he would pass by the same way - right up until he bit me squarely in the butt.

The owner was in the yard and made a weak attempt to stop them, but didn't show much effort until I yelled at the dog. When she asked me if the dog bit me and I said yes, her response was, "well he doesn't normally bite people". REALLY??? So he does bite people sometimes? Here's an idea - don't let your dog outside without a leash if it has EVER been known to bite people.

So now I'm waiting to hear back from animal control as to whether or not I need to start rabies vaccine treatments - this should be awesome! Hopefully I can avoid that and just deal with two puncture marks and a welt. Animal control made me document the entire incident with a written report and pictures. Nothing like having to take a photo of your own butt!

Stay safe out there and never take any dog for granted - you just never know.

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